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To Kill a Mockingbird

             It's not easy being a mother of a child that is disabled; whether it's a child with no voice, no sight, no legs, or maybe a child with a genetic disorder. A lot of parents might choose abortion if they know about it ahead of time, maybe they want to go through with it, but this wasn't a choice for Kate Keller, the mother of Helen Keller, a deaf, mute and blind child. Back then, they didn't have the technology to find out in advance of disorders, and even if they were, with the determination of Kate, it is doubtful that she would want an abortion. From beginning of Helens life, and to the end, Kate supported her, nourished her, and most importantly, never gave up on her.
             After numerous times of being hopeful, and then ultimately being rejected of any hope for Helen's disorders, Captain Keller gave up on any chance. However, true to Kate's determination, she replied firmly.
             Keller : How many times can you let them break your heart, Kate?.
             Kate : Any number of times. (Act 1, Scene 3, p. 497).
             Kate was willing to do anything within her power to get Helen help. She was willing to take any chance or risk. In scene 3 of Act 1 on page 498, Kate was starting to show signs of desperation, but hope as well. "As long as there's the least chance. For her to see. Or hear, or "" said Kate. She said this during the heated battle between her husband and her about contacting a new doctor that she had found out about which could possibly help Helen. Still, to no avail Captain Keller went on about how this would be another heartbreak to Kate. Nevertheless, Kate did not give up to Keller, she insisted on Keller until he finally gave up in scene 3 of Act 1 on page 498. "We won't know that to be a fact, Captain, until after you write."" said Kate referring to writing to the Doctor. .
             Towards the middle of Act 1, Kate was bearing more desperation than ever. However, she was still persistent on her goal to help Helen that she still did not give up.

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