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Odysseus: The Trickster

             The hero of a story is often viewed as the noble, honest fighter going against all odds in order to accomplish the task that is at hand. Their followers must view one as the reason they are fighting, for without that inspiration, they have no reason to continue. As the symbol of their ideals, the hero exemplifies what the group believes and what they stand for, for if the hero is not respectable, then how are his/her followers to be viewed? It is not all glory for a hero, not in the least. The hero must endure that which no one else can. They oppose the worst of all odds, fighting their way to victory, confronting the impossible and succeeding.
             The Odyssey of Homer begins with our hero Odysseus trapped on an island. His exploits have landed him there trapped by Calypso, a goddess who wishes to keep him there against his will. Odysseus has endured much, ranging from great battles to the emotion strain of not seeing his family back on Ithaca. His journeys have taken him across many lands and numerous cities have fallen to his army. Although greedy at times his feasting and pillaging have gotten him into trouble in the past. It is this aspect that makes him human, and not a god. He still possesses the trait of love, for he could have been immortal had he stayed with Calypso, but his heart was elsewhere. Many would have given up their past life in order to live as a god, but that is why he is the hero, striving for what was once his. .
             Odysseus has seen his fair share of battles. Many of which involved using not only his great strength, but his intellect as well. To his followers, Odysseus seemed to be invincible. His exploits showed us, the reader, that brains over brawn prevail in numerous situations. The full extent of his quick thinking is not yet known, but the books that have been read reveal a character that must endure hardships in order to reach his final destination, the island of Ithaca.

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