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            Epilepsy is a disease that is caused by brain damage most common causes of brain damage is by motorcycleand.or car accidents. Epilepsy's most notable symptom is seizures. The most common seizures can't results in brain damage only seizures that that last for more than 20-30 minutes can result in brain damage. A common myth that is believed by many is that epilepsy/seizures are a hereditary condition, in actuality there is a small percentage of people who actually inherited the disease children who are under the age of 15 have inherited the disease. Seizures are caused by miss-fires n the nerves of the brain. There are only 2 different kinds of seizures generalized seizures and partial seizures, under these two groups though are a number of different sub-level classifications of seizures. .
             A generalized seizure is if the entire brain involved. The sub-levels of the generalized seizures are: Tonic-clonic, this type of seizure is what most people think of when they think about someone having a seizure all the muscles tighten up and the person falls to the ground as they lose conscious. Absence seizures are when you "zone-out" or "lose-time" for a few seconds and wont respond or hear anything you say after this which only last for a few minutes they go about doing what they left off doing as if nothing happened because they won't remember anything that happened during those few moments. The next is Atonic seizures these are commonly called "drop seizures" or "drop attacks" because the person all of a sudden out of nowhere drops there head and loses all muscle strength for a temporary time. Myclonic seizures are when the person's muscles jerk for a short time, the neck, shoulders and up legs. In children these muscles usually jerk in the morning and they usually don't out grow them they may even turn into convulsions in the morning.
             Partial seizures are the second base seizure and they are a little less serious, there are only two different kinds of partial seizures.

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