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My Mother's House

             Located on a quiet, secluded, dead end road, a person will find a spacious comfortable home with numerous sights and activities to enjoy, relax, and find comfort. There will be several amenities to take advantage of. Although they are not of the exciting and high priced, one would normally find in a hotel per say, they are very equal to the definition of better living. A person will find several opportunities to find enjoyment and relaxation with friends and family, while visiting at my Mother's house.
             Such activities include but are not limited to an outdoor swimming pool, large spacious patios, various wildlife, and unbelievable landscaping With so many sights and activities it can be hard for a person to make the decision of which to do first. The swimming pool located in the back yard is opened yearly, around Memorial Day and is regrettably closed on Labor Day. The swimming pool boasts many advantages to anyone who visits. The pool offers a space of fourteen feet by twenty-eight feet for comfortable relaxation and enjoyment. A large, fenced in patio surrounds the pool to offer even more seasonal convenience. Located on all four sides of the pool are lounge chairs, chaises, and tables. Also included is a gas grill: perfect for the Sunday barbecue.
             Wildlife is another part of the enjoyment a person will find at my Mother's house. The lists of wildlife a person will see are never-ending. From deer to squirrels, the animals range from varieties of life. In the summer time, the yard is booming with activity at all times. Sitting on the back porch a person will see squirrels jumping from tree limb to tree limb. Does and fawns taking their time walking through the yard. Birds of all kinds building their nests. This secluded backyard is a way from traffic and relatively safe for wildlife. Almost everyone will find solace while sitting on the back porch watching the many creations of wildlife.

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