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Effects on Children of Divorce

            Divorce and It's Affect on Children .
             Divorce means the end of your marriage, but not of your family. Your children still need to feel loved and supported by both of you. One of the biggest challenges of divorce is developing a co-parenting relationship that allows both parents to be effective partners in the work of raising healthy, happy children. .
             As soon as the children have been told, notify their teachers. Children may be upset or have difficulty concentrating on schoolwork. Teachers will be more understanding of changes in behavior if they are aware of the situation, and can offer comfort and support.
             It may also help to talk to the school counselor or psychologist. Many schools have support groups for children to help them deal with the emotional turmoil of divorce. Children may need a time and a place where they can feel safe talking about their feelings with others who are going through a similar experience. Some schools have created peer mentor programs, where an older child who has been through a divorce is paired up with your child. Be sure to ask about these programs ¾ or help start such a support service. .
             The principal and office should also be notified of your divorce, so that they will be aware of who to contact. It is important for both parents to receive school notices such as newsletters, reports and conference dates in order to be equally involved in their children's education. Discuss with your partner whether you will both attend events or whether it would be better for you to take turns. .
             In the beginning, you and your partner may need a plan as you first develop your co-parenting roles. You may want to design a "parenting plan." In that plan, be specific about visiting, schedules, rules, and finances. Think of your partner as a business partner. You may sometimes have to put aside personal feelings to achieve a common goal: happy and healthy children. .

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