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BMW ad campaign

             How do you define joy? Whether it's the split-second rush of adrenaline as you accelerate into a tight curve, or the kind of crisp handling and response that makes you feel at one with the road, the BMW Series is bound to make your heart skip a beat.
             GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS: Bayerische Motor Works (BMW) series has been in this world for more than 75 years. BMW cars are powerful, luxurious, and stylish. BMW is a German company. The BMW logo is symbolic of a white propeller blade, against a blue sky. It reflects the origins of BMW as a maker of military aircraft engines during the First World War. It is a good example of a strong brand-led company retaining the best of its heritage in the form a of distinctive logo design, without placing too much emphasis on the origins of the logo itself.
             In today's world, there are more than ten companies that mass-produce cars. It is becoming more competitive to sell cars because every company has their own kind of technique to sell cars. For example, Honda's new car, Honda Element, is trying to get attention from generation Y, 16 to 23 age group, by creating a car made for road trips. Companies try to sell more of their own cars by making their cars better looking and making them more powerful, which makes prices of cars increase. As long as car companies have competition, they will have to keep their prices lower to keep up with consumer demand.
             BMW has its own image; it has its own class. Everyone sees BMW as a classy and high-priced car. They are relatively expensive, but it heavily impacts your personality. The attention you get after buying a BMW series is priceless.
             As of now, BMW has three series out: 3 series, 5 series, and 7 series. And 3 other types of cars "type M, type X5, and Z4.
             Audience 1: 3 series, which was introduced in 1975 by BMW, is usually preferred by males who are in their 20's. It is far cheaper then other BMW models, but it is still luxurious and still has a sporty spirit in it.

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