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Jean Piaget: A revolutionary in Children

            Jean Piaget, has been such a help to the world,.
             The studies of science ain"t seen such brighter days.
             His theories are used in classrooms all around,.
             Children aren"t stupid adults, is what he says.
             A child plays in the sand, .
             A toddler digging in the dirt for worms,.
             Though disgusting actions were these, they could all be explained,.
             When Jean Piaget lent a hand.
             There ain"t no way o" hiding it,.
             A child does some strange things,.
             But Piaget thought differently,.
             And we wouldn"t just let his theories sit.
             The natural world around us.
             Is one large classroom where we can learn,.
             Our surrounding change from time to time, .
             But you don"t hear a child fuss.
             They adapt to a new place quite cautiously,.
             Taking in all that they can see,.
             Knowledge is then formed, from playing to research,.
             An adult couldn"t do it as easily.
             A revolution Piaget is, and that's a what I"m gonna say.
             With all o" his teachings and theories here to stay,.
             He changed the way we all looked at education,.
             To see it in a new and different way.
             Before Piaget was Descartes, another scientists in this train,.
             His ideas kept us movin" when he explained the intake of.
             The environment for education,.
             Just as Piaget then tried to explain.
             Though the two scientists thoughts were there for us to read,.
             Piaget's lessons are still used today,.
             Teaching many students in school, and parents at home,.
             That an educational environment is what a child needs.
             We"ve learned a lot through the years,.
             But with the help of all these scientists,.
             It still ain"t just enough.
             But Piaget helps us realized that I child's mind ain"t so clear!.

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