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Colonel Harland Sanders

            Many know him as the chicken king, who's "finger lickin' good chicken- recipe made him famous in the fast food industry. Colonel Harland Sanders was born September 9, 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. Harland Sander's became familarized with his cooking talents when his father died at the age of six, and his mother was forced to go to work, and Sanders was left to tend to the household chores,and taking care of his younger siblings. By the age of seven Sanders had mastered many dishes. At the age of twelve Sanders got his first job ($2 a month) working at a nearby farm. At the age of twelve Harland left his home, to presue a job in Greewnwood. During the next several years Harland worked many odd jobs, (practiced in justice of the peace courts, sold insurance, operated an Ohio River steamboat ferry, sold tires, and operated service stations). Through, one of his jobs he found his secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices, he then spent nine years perfecting it. During his odd jobs he had opened a café where travelers and the public could come and eat his chicken, but in the early 1950's a highway was going to be built through the Colonels land, causing the Colonel's café to be auctioned off. Confident of the quality of his chicken, the Colonel had vision that he was going to start his own business. He traveled across the country by car from restaurant to restaurant, cooking batches of chicken for restaurant owners and their employees. Finally on the 1008 attempt to sell his chicken he was successful, and for every chicken bought the Colonel would receive profit. .
             The Colonel's product is simple, but it is a unique blend of flour and eleven herbs and spices that keeps customers coming back for more. When the Colonel started his business he wanted to make sure that his customers received the chicken fast, but make sure that it was still tasty. The Colonel wanted to provide his customers with fair pricing for the food as well.

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