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Freedom in Iran

             Have you ever stopped and thought about what a great country you"re living in? America.
             is a country filled with freedoms and opportunities and for some reason people don't appreciate.
             them and take them for granted. You all are spoiled and soft because you have everything handed.
             out to you. You are allowed to do whatever you want to do, wear whatever you want to wear, be.
             whatever you want to be and most importantly ,say whatever you want to say. However, not.
             everyone has these freedoms granted to them. People in Iran are killing themselves over having.
             just one of these freedoms, that you don't even appreciate. Iranians don't have these freedoms.
             handed out to them; they have to fight for it and in return they lose their lives over it. People need.
             to be aware of the troubles going on in Iran, because it deserves more appreciation than its been.
             Iran has a theocratic government, which means that their government and religion is.
             mixed. Their present ruler is named Ayatollah Khomani. He has all authority in Iran, and.
             basically rules over everyone. Since the government and religion is mixed, people look up to him.
             not only as a ruler but also a messenger sent from God to help their country. Therefore, if.
             someone has troubles with the government it also means they have troubles and problems with.
             God. The religious beliefs of the Muslims are pushed upon all the people of Iran and they are.
             forced to follow it. If they don't , it means they are going against the word of their God, Allah.
             The religion based government has stripped away the freedoms of the people. However, the.
             people of Iran can't do anything about it, because unlike the Americans, they are not granted the.
             freedom of speech. This religious government has restricted its people from living comfortable.
             lives, and this causes the country of Iran to grow worse and worse. .
             This government, with its rules and regulations, has put a great effect on the young adults.

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