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Gas Prices Forcing Some To Be Unemployed

            In today's society with gas prices and a lowering economic stability one must realize the connection between the environment and our actions. It is understandable to feel not only frustrated but completely panicked about oil prices when our economy is weakening and it becomes difficult to meet obligations. However, the problem goes well beyond oil. This is what we will discuss, the behind factors and what is going on today to turn things around.
             For centuries now our world has been growing astronomically in technology. Here we are able to work from home over the internet, so it is clear that technology has indeed bettered our lives. Before 1885 people were getting from place to place mainly by horse or by boat to cross waters. Although the invention of the car cannot be denied its brilliance one can only ask if a massive amount was necessary. Our world has consumed a majority of its oil. Yes there, of course, remains a bit more oil. It is a known fact that oil is a long natural process and should be taken more seriously by the people. This is a luxury that we have taken for granted. Chose a job close to home or move closer! Ride a bike or take a walk to work instead of adding to the pollution and losing more money on car insurance, car bills and gas. Not only will the stress of gas prices be eliminated but the environment will be that much less covered in smog.
             A subject touched on by many and heard, hopefully, by all is the climate change. Here is a short overview of what is happening. Glaciers in Antarctica have been melting for some time now; however, they've been melting much quicker than predicted by scientist. Reason being, as with the Green House, so much pollution covers the planet that when heat enters through sunbeams that same amount of heat is unable to escape; so, the Earth is constantly becoming hotter.
             What is being done about this today? Already covering what you can do let's talk about what IS being done.

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