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What Sarah Palin Brings to McCain's Campaign

            Much controversy has surrounded the surprise nomination of freshman Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Many analysts see the move to pick Palin as an attempt to counter McCain's problems with evangelical Christians; Palin is pro-life, opposing Roe v Wade vehemently. Additionally, she belongs to an anti-homosexual church which believes, among other things, that homosexuals can be "converted" into heterosexuals through religious ministry. Both issues sit well with evangelical conservative Christians; a base John McCain desperately needs to remain viable in this election. Other analysts cite the acrimonious rift between the hard-core Clinton backers and the rest of the Democratic Party who would vote for Palin merely because she is a woman, or in retaliation for Obama's "theft" of the election. Either way, Palin is both a boon and a problem for McCain's campaign, and here are a few reasons why:.
             Benefits of choosing Palin.
             For McCain there are several benefits to choosing such a neophyte on the political stage. First, she counters Barack Obama's youth appeal - what could be more youthful than a woman who just gave birth five months ago? Also, Palin's relative anonymity in Washington gives her some serious "outsider" credentials - she's from a populous-small state, was mayor of a small town in that state, and - not many have made mention of this yet - she represents a state that has thus far played absolutely no significant role in any US election. Though many see her nomination as a jaded ploy by the McCain campaign, the choice of Sarah Palin still has some resonance with Hillary Clinton supporters who, whether out of racism or spite, would rather vote for anyone than Obama. Her positions on guns, abortion, and family values (her pregnant daughter will marry the father of her child soon, we are told) are staunch - she literally practices the values she preaches - are something which Republican pundits and analysts note is a definite boon to the somewhat spotty, and often reversible, positions of John McCain.

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