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Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

            The greatest legal advantage to gay marriages are primarily in the states of .
             Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey and California, where couples can specifically define .
             the most critical decisions in any married couples' life. The legal precedents and .
             laws in these states specifically support what many consider to be the "pros" or .
             advantages of gay marriage, and these include the legal right to have children, .
             jointing owning property or splitting it up, inheritance and death taxes, transfer .
             taxes, government benefits, immigration, and the ability to define wills and .
             testaments for each other as primary beneficiaries. In addition to all these .
             advantages is also the advantage of being able to obtain healthcare from an .
             employers' HMO or PPO organization, especially in the states mentioned in this .
             article. .
             Starting with one of the most sought-after advantages of a gay marriage, the .
             legal right to have children, gay marriage advocates state that due to the stronger .
             focus on egalitarian values and shared work in gay householders, children grow .
             up well-adjusted than would otherwise be the case (Lindsay, Perlesz, Brown, .
             McNair, et al., 2006). .
             Second, there is the right to have community property in the states that support .
             gay marriage, including the protection of rights specifically defining joint .
             ownership and dissolution of marriages including the distribution of assets. This .
             is a critical point as in many other states that do not support gay marriage, the .
             dissolution of a same-sex union often is one that is contentious and marked by .
             extensive lawsuits over assets. From this perspective the issue of how to best .
             manage the financial considerations of a gay relationships favors a gay marriage .
             being intact, obtained from one of the states mentioned that support them (Black, .
             Sanders, Taylor, 2007). .
             There are also several advantages from a tax standpoint as well. First the .
             inclusion of inheritance and death taxes, transfer taxes and government benefits .

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