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             The story "The Tell-Tale Heart" written by Edgar Allan is a story about a man's progressive insanity.
             The first point of the story, Poe tries to kill the old man thus ridding himself of the eye. This man complained that the eye reminded him of a vulture. It was pale-blue, and had a light film over it. It was not because of the old mans gold. He was extremely nice, and he never insulted him. He says that his desire to kill this man was not because of his insanity, but it was because of his eye. Through out Poe's first point he tries to explain that this man was not insane, he was mad because of the eye.
             In the second point of the story Poe tells us how the man is preparing to kill this old man. The man watches his every move. He was a very cautious and patient man. He showed his desire to kill the man through these first eight nights of watching him sleep. He would go in the bedroom every night just a little past midnight. He memorized his breathing pattern, and learned the old mans sleeping habits. On the eighth night of watching this man sleep he made a slight noise and woke the old man. The old man did not go back to sleep for an hour or so. During this time the narrator stood there extremely still. When the old man finally went back to sleep, he then shined a single ray of light on his eye. He could hear the mans heart beating and his breath slowly increasing. He was scared the neighbors had heard it. At this point he went and suffocated the man in his sleep, letting only one slight shriek out. He was then finally relieved of the eye. .
             The third point of this story was the narrator's feelings about the murder, and how he concealed the body. His initial feelings were relieved and glad that he had accomplished his goal. He then felt that he had no worries or concerns since the eye was gone. He still denied that he was not crazy, and that the eye made him commit the murder. He felt like he did nothing wrong and was in the right through out this insane action.

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