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Troy Davis' Fourth Stay of Execution Denied

            A dispute that began as a mere request for clemency escalated into a heated, public racial battle when a five-member board confirmed that Troy Davis will indeed be executed by lethal injection on September 20th. Twenty-two years ago, Davis was tried and convicted of murdering a police officer who was attempting to break up a fight in a fast food parking lot. According to witnesses, Davis shot Mark MacPhail in the face and the heart, ultimately ending his life. Since then, Davis has been granted three stays of execution. However, those fighting for Davis' fourth stay of execution argue that he was wrongfully convicted in a case that was built on an incredibly insufficient amount of physical evidence and shaky-at-best witness testimony (Severson). .
             There is no physical evidence that ties Davis to the killing. Furthermore, seven of the nine witnesses later questioned their own testimony, and another person even came forward and confessed to the crime (Milloy). .
             Davis' family gathered in an Atlanta hotel room to hear the news that Davis' stay would not be granted. Davis refused a last meal and is reportedly in high spirits. "I will not stop fighting until I've taken my last breath. Georgia is prepared to snuff out the life of an innocent man," he said, adding that his death was for all the past and future Troy Davises (Severson). .
             Davis has been granted a stay of execution three times in the past. In 2007, the state parole board intervened on Davis' behalf, stating that the execution should not be performed unless the members "are convinced that there is no doubt as to the guilt of the accused." In 2008, the Supreme Court stepped in just an hour before the execution was scheduled, but refused to hear the case. His third execution date was cancelled when the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit requested more time to consider new testimony presented by Davis' lawyer (Severson).

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