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Former Lacrosse Player Huguely Goes on Trial for Death of Girlfriend Love

            The trial of former University of Virginia lacrosse player, George Huguely V, for allegedly murdering his on-again off-again girlfriend, Yeardley Love, began last week and has largely centered around the incriminating emails Huguely sent to Love before the incident stating, "I should have killed you." Huguely faces first-degree murder and five other charges if he is found guilty of killing Love (FOX News).
             Huguely entered Love's apartment in May of 2010, where he alleged bashed Love's head against the wall until she passed out and eventually died. The defense claims that Love's death resulted from cardiopulmonary failure after taking prescription Adderall and consuming alcohol. According to Huguely's attorneys, the blood found at the base of Love's brain came from forcefully administering CPR (FOX News). .
             Huguely and Love dated for two years before the relationship went sour, as displayed by the exchange of emails used in the courtroom. These angry and abusive emails suggested infidelity on both ends of the relationship and violence on Huguely's end. Just two days before Love's death, Huguely sent an email accusing Love of having a relationship with a University of North Carolina lacrosse player, who she knew from high school (FOX News).
             "A week ago you said you would get back together with me if I stopped getting so drunk and then you go and (have sex with Mike Burns, the UNC player). I should have killed you," the email read (Brady). .
             The prosecutor suggested that Huguely plotted to kill Love and then steal her laptop to get rid of the evidence. The defense attorneys claim that Huguely was extremely drunk the night Love died, and he was incapable of plotting her demise (FOX News).
             "He's not complicated. He's not complex. He's a lacrosse player," said defense attorney Francis Lawrence, who went on to explain that Huguely went to her apartment to talk and work things out.

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