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Qin Shi Huang Di

            Qin Shi Huang Di ended centuries of civil wars by unifying China in 221 BC. During his reign great monuments were constructed such as the Great Wall of China and the entombed terracotta warriors. Despite his many achievements people often remembered his cruelty rather than his achievements because he committed the burning of the books" and the execution of the scholars.
             As the supreme ruler of imperial China common laws and a system of weights and measures were introduced. Farming and irrigation systems were improved to control flooding and to ensure a constant water supply. To make trade easier he standardized the length of the axles of carts so every cart could run smoothly in the ruts of the new roads and enforced a common coinage which not only benefited economic development and cultural exchanged but it also had a strong and long lasting influence on Imperial China proving to be of great importance in later years.
             One of his greatest achievements out of all others and probably most commonly known were joining all the parts of the Great Wall of China as one to further enhance the protection of imperial China against fierce tribes including the Mongolians. Such a grand monument took many years to build which accumulated the efforts of many Chinese rulers and millions of unknown Chinese who lost their lives in erecting this 6000 mile long structure. Such a creation still remains as a priceless artifact left by past ancestors. Of being a great historical but brutal figure he left us with his immense and monumental Qin Mausoleum in which terracotta warriors and horses lie within. Both projects emphases his power clearly.
             Although Qin Shi Huangdi was recognized for his many achievements, historians still criticize him for his extreme cruelty. He would not tolerate any opposition and so made people follow a system of legalism in which he would award those that obeyed him and punish those that did not.

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