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Constitutional Convention: New Jersey

            There were three main proposals at the constitution convention in 1787: The Virginia Plan, The New Jersey Plan and the Connecticut Compromise. The Virginia plan stayed true to political equality, one person is equal to one vote because states were represented by population. Also in this plan the proposed legislature would be bicameral a House and a Senate, the Senate being elected by state legislature would provide a check on the House. The New Jersey plan would protect the smaller states from the Virginia plan that would favor the bigger states. The Connecticut compromise like the Virginia plan proposed a bicameral legislature, a House and a Senate but the only the House was represented by population and the Senate by equal representation. .
             The New Jersey plan proposed the legislature be unicameral instead of bicameral and that the states be represented equally instead of represented by proportion to their population. In the executive branch a group executive instead of a single executive was proposed, as well as the executive not having the power to veto and being elected by the legislature. As far as slavery not counting the slaves as part of the population would benefit the state because it is one of the smaller states and if represented by proportion to population slave states would control a bigger percentage of the House seats. .
             In the legislative branch, the branch of government empowered to make the laws, a unicameral legislature would be more effective then a bicameral legislature because one House would be much more time effective. A bicameral legislature would allow the two houses (House and Senate) would allow for more thorough discussions but it would take much longer to come to a conclusion. Having two houses could provide a simpler method to regulating or balancing one another but there are already checks built into the proposed three-branch design of the government; legislative, executive and judicial.

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