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Love and Hate in 'To His Coy Mistress'

            In life we all might have a love; high situation with a love one or a friend. In the stories Trifles and To His Coy Mistress; there are things that can be taken as a love story or just as a hate crime. In "To His Coy Mistress; a man is sending a love/lust letter to this lady who is in his eyes the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and is trying to do whatever he can do to get her to give up her virginity to him. By using the words of love but by using them in the meaning of lust. In Trifles Mrs. Foster makes it a hate crime into killing her husband while he is asleep because he killed her bird. .
             In "To his Coy Mistress"; there is a man who is either writing a letter or is talking to this woman up close; about how he feels about her and the emotion he has for her. In the beginning you might think it's a love poem but it actually is a poem about a man trying to tell a woman how he loves her but only because he wants her to give up her virginity to him. Knowing that he is just saying all of this just to her so she would give it up is called lust and that's not love. If he loved her like it sounds like he did he would wait for her and try to beg and plead with her to get her virginity. Every time he says how beautiful she is; inside she very easily wants to give it up. When reading this it makes you wonder is the speaker reading writing this or is a friend of the speaker and he is telling the man's story. .
             The actions to the man in this story; is not like what men would be doing today trying to get a women to love them or even for a man to have sex to sex them. He has gone too far in my mind with this poem. When he say's "The Grave's a fine and private place (To His Coy Mistress pg123); it makes you think he will try as hard as he possible can if that means he to wait till death do them part; but you might as well give it up now because when we die nobody is going to be able to take it from you than.

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