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The Friendly Grocery Store in the Delta

            Most grocery stores today have focused all their attention on making money and not alot on their customers. In order to have a successful business, you must have a friendly environment and a wide thought process. However, for Ed Townsend focusing on the consumers perspective was one of the main points he shot for. So in 1962, Ed opened up his first grocery store in Columbus named Sunflower. This was a grocery store that sold fresh foods, had unmatched customer service, and also very low prices. Today, Sunflower has been around for 50 years and is growing fast over the United States.
             I stepped into the grocery store in Indianola and a employee with a green bow tie asked me did I need some help and greeted me right away. I felt like I was the prince of Egypt. I couldn't help but smell the pastries in the bakery. The smell was like grandmother kitchen on a beautiful Sunday morning. I could hear soothing music play through the speakers as I walked around. The grocery store was very busy but they still managed to satisfy and please every customer. I cruised my way around the store and some how came into contact with Johnny Mack, the store manager. I asked him ,"What can a customer expect from shopping at Sunflower Food Store?" and he answered, "We at Sunflower Food Store, try to meet all customers' needs and wants. Staff as a whole try our best to provide superior customer services." This is great, most grocer department stores have gotten to the point that they have forgotten about the customers. It used to be fun going to the grocery store but as time moved on, grocery stores have gotten more antisocial. This is not a good thing because it runs customers away and businesses to shut down. Like Mr. Mack said, "As long as the customers are happy, I am happy.".
             Sunflower has so many types of fresh food to choose from around the store. They have everything fro fresh dairy products, healthy vegetables and fruits, bakery pastries, and fresh cut meat.

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