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When My Daughter Was Born

            "A person is a person, no matter how small"- Dr. Her and her husband had gotten married March 9, 2009. They moved to their new base home a few days later and got settled in. A few months after settling into a married life, she realized she wanted to try for a baby. At the time, she thought she wanted a large family so she wanted to start when she was young. She thought 18 was a perfect age. On the contrary, her husband wasn't ready to have a baby just yet, he definitely wanted children, but he wanted to wait a little while longer. She wasn't exactly the model wife and she started to beg and plead as the tears rolled down her face. Her voice was raspy as she spoke, but she told him no matter the choice she"d love him. They talked about it for a while and finally decided not to try, but not to prevent either - they were leaving it up to God. About a year later, she had taken a home pregnancy test and to her disbelief it had come out positive. She would spend the next six and half months, happy and pregnant. Exploding with excitement she and her husband started buying things for the baby's room. They bought a crib, high chair and even started a theme for the room; the crib was covered with stuffed animals, the white walls were now pink and the room was fully carpeted. Frogs and flowers covered as a boarder for the pink room. She walked into this room, and immediately bloomed like a flower. It was not until November 1, 2010- that her life would come to a screeching halt.
             With this in mind, the drive to the hospital felt like hours, but it was only a few minutes. She remembers this like it was yesterday, the piercing pain in her stomach made her feel like something was wrong. Although she didn't want to admit what was happening, she kept her head up and smiled like everything was going to be okay. They left the humid air and pungent smell and entered the Emergency Room. Her husband accompanied her in the waiting room of the checkup.

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