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A Brief Escape from Reality

            I am standing on an old, beaten down, weather-tested pier, looking over a vast sea of blue. It is one of the only escapes to reality in this day in age. One of the only places to find peace and serenity, calmness and relaxation. You can see the gigantic barges and cruise ships far off in the distance. Nearer inland there are the old-fashioned fishing boats and some people out on a mid-afternoon sail under the slow moving sun. Off to my right I hear a slight ruckus as couple of seagulls are bickering over who gets to grab the last slurp of meat from the insides of a dead crab. Then I look down to the water below me and see thousands upon thousands of barnacles wrapped around the pillars that are holding up the pier. There isn't one centimeter of room left on the pillar for other life to exist. I look to my left and I see a few children quietly playing in the ever-disappearing ocean. A few more years and most of the water will have some form of a man-made island, or barge cities that are taking up all space on the surface of the ocean. I decide to lie down on the pier and close my eyes and just listen to the sound of the waves as they slowly wash up the beach, and then scurry back into the ocean. Listen for the slight howl of the wind as it brushes up against my face and blows my hair softly to the side. Feel the radiant rays of the strong summer sun against my skin as it warms every part of my body. This moment seems almost too good to last forever.
             A slight hum begins to form in my ears and head. It continues to grow until it becomes and annoyance. Then it becomes louder and louder pulsing in my head making my body vibrate and shake. I turn around just in time to see one of the many light-rail trains zooming around the city at speeds of close to 150 mph. I get up and shake off any leftover memories from a moment before, a different world before. .
             I start walking towards the train rail and glance up to see the looming metropolis that is Seattle.

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