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The Controversy of Vegetarianism

            Vegetarianism is such a broad and controversial topic because there are numerous arguments on both sides. The question of whether it is okay for animals to be killed for human pleasure is extremely debatable. Between four and ten percent of Americans have already decided to stop eating meat completely (Fraser). However, for many people, eating meat is just another part of traditional American culture; thus they reject the idea of vegetarianism. .
             The idea becomes more than black and white when moral, health, and environmental issues become introduced. To avoid these issues in our society, we as Americans should consider consuming less meat and animal products, but also steer clear of consuming animals that have been raised in unnatural environments. Animals that are raised for produce usually aren't very healthy. Companies stuff these animals with unnatural substances to make them grow faster to increase productivity.
             Understandably, making the transition into vegetarianism could be seen as an unnecessary transition. Most people support the argument that humans have dominion over all other animals. The reason that so many people believe this theory is because it is also stated in the Bible. Humans are the only known animal to be able to rationalize thoughts; our high intelligence levels have given us the ability and the resources to use non-human animals for food. Since other animals' intelligence levels fall below humans, those animals also fall below humans on the food chain.
             Another reason one might not become a vegetarian is simply because of the taste. Most people would miss the taste of meat too much. Former vegetarian, Laura Fraser, points out that most vegetarians live in America and England, where the food is not the main tourist attraction (Fraser). Most Americans are raised consuming meat and other animal products, so they are used to the taste, texture, and digestion. Another argument is that meat is our main source of protein.

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