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Euthanasia and the Right to Die

            Webster's dictionary defines the word "euthanasia" as the practice of killing someone who is very ill and will never get better in order to end their suffering, usually done at their request or with their consent. At first, the world "euthanasia" was used when referring to animals, but eventually became associated with humans. Terminally-ill patients want to control their dying process and some choose to die with euthanasia. Sometimes they want others to assist them. This is called assisted suicide, and it relieves the pain of patients who face inevitable death. It allows people to die with dignity. Assisted suicide should be legalized.
             Legalization of assisted suicide is a hot issue related to human rights. When asked about euthanasia, college student Susan Sung stated that, "I'm in favor with euthanasia. Because who would want to die with experiencing pain? Even I would want to die with no pain." Many people agree with Susan, that one of the reasons for favoring the legalization of euthanasia is because people have the right to die. Like Susan, all people don't want to die with extreme pain, so they should be able to choose how to die.
             All people have the right to die, but it has to be limited to terminally-ill patients and patients who have no possibility of being cured. A lot of people say that they would die with euthanasia if they are terminally-ill patients. When asked about the right to die, college student Tiwyna Reed said that, "It's up to the person who goes though a lot of pain and depends on health situation." She also said that "I would die with euthanasia if there's a choice and I am terminally-ill patient." Many people agree with Tiwyna, that the right to die is a human being's right. .
             There's a euthanasia law in Oregon and the Netherlands. Many opponents worry about abuse of euthanasia, but the situation in Oregon and the Netherlands are successful. Patients who have a terminal illness and less than six months to live are diagnosed by doctors and allowed to die with euthanasia.

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