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Erikson and the Eight Stages of Development

            The best method for studying human social development is by using Erikson's Eight Stages of Development. These stages are evident from birth, adulthood, and senior years.
             Erikson's first analysis is trust versus mistrust. This stage begins at birth and continues until about one year of age. The central issue that infant's resolve in this stage is "can I trust others?" For example, and infant must be held, touched and nurtured by its mother. If a caregiver is unresponsive to the infant's needs and they go unmet, the balance of trust will tip in the direction of mistrust. Erikson believed "for development to proceed optimally, a healthy balance between the terms conflate must be struck." It is important to development to have a successful resolution of this stage because it lays the foundation for each additional stage.
             Autonomy versus shame and doubt is the stage that a toddler begins to assert there will and develop a greater sense of there own identity. For example 18 month old's begin to recognize themselves in a mirror and lace their speech with me and no. If a child is limited too much or punished too hard, it will cause a feeling of shame and doubt.
             Initiative versus guilt is the stage that children learn social roles. Children, who are prohibited from doing what they want to do all the time, will feel guilty. Industry versus Inferiority is the stage the children are very eager to learn. Children will use their energy to work with intellectual skills and knowledge. If they lack support, children will feel impaired. This stage is most effectively resolved by a child having success in school or in activities that are important to them, like being a good baseball player or being good at art. .
             Identity versus role confusion is the crisis of adolescence. As adolescents are move from late childhood into early adult they begin to think the role they will play in society. If they explore the roles in a healthy manner and come up with a good path to follow in life, they will develop a positive identity.

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