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Comparrison of Films

            While films of today and films from the first half of the 20th century both prove to be equally entertaining there are many striking differences between the two, from cinematography, to the lighting, to the screenplays themselves. With the overwhelming special effects and fast moving multi angled action sequences and the energetic romantic comedies of today, films from the early part of the century may be looked upon as passé. However, auteurs like Charlie Chaplin and John Huston, two great filmmakers of their time, helped pave the way for modern day writer/directors like Martin Scorsese and George Lucas. .
             "Gold Rush- a film starring, written, and directed by Charlie Chaplin, made in 1925, is an example of a film made at the dawn of the motion picture and can be easily contrasted with films of today. For example the use of the camera and camera angles are extremely different in that Chaplin used only one stationary camera that actors walked in front of. Much unlike films of today such as, "Gladiator-, where it seems like the camera is the eyes of a soldier on the battlefield. Similarly, where Chaplin used the close up to depict pain and suffering in a character's face, modern day directors will use graphic or violent scenes to portray what is perceived as realism and emotion. In regard to sets and special effects, it is impossible to expect Chaplin's silent films to live up to extravagancy or the ability of the computer or on location filming of today; however, he utilized creativity and the technology of the day to create unbelievably realistic backdrops. For example, the fake snow that would blow in to the cabin or the scene where the cabin is on the edge of the snowy cliff did not seem at all out of place or completely unrealistic. .
             A second film, made in the middle of the 20th century yet just before the widespread use of the television was John Huston's (1948) "The Treasure of Sierra Madre.

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