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Overview of the Columbian Exchange

            ï»¿The Columbian Exchange is described as the division of the Old World and New World. In other words, it was the separation of North and South American from Eurasia and Africa. The Columbian Exchange was mainly caused by Christopher Columbus's voyages. Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean in 1492, helped to influence new cultures, beliefs and lifestyles; this originated the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian exchange affected almost every society on Earth. It is often called the Great Exchange because it was one of the vastest global trades in history. The great Exchange concerned both the West and the East in the exchange of goods, animals, slaves, plants, and ideas. Europeans introduced new crops, livestock, and diseases. Amongst the participating continents and countries were Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. When Europeans first grazed the borders of the Americas, Old World crops had not traveled west across the Atlantic and New World crops had not traveled east to Europe. The Columbian Exchange made all of this possible.
             Each continent transported and introduced a new crop of some form of livestock to the New World. Everything that was available to trade at his time was being traded overseas. The Old World and New World merged together in the attempt to transform one another. Had it not been for the Columbian Exchange, Florida would lack oranges, there would be no bananas in Ecuador, Hungary would have no paprika, there would be no tomatoes in Italy, Colombia would have not coffee, no pineapples in Hawaii, Texas would have no cattle, no donkeys in Mexico, no cigarettes in France and Switzerland would not have chocolate. .
             The majority of the crops that were introduced to the New World are crops that we used more frequently than anything. Imagine if we did not have all the crops and goods that we have and use on a daily basis. The Columbian Exchange has allowed us to have goods, livestock, and materials that we use daily.

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