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The High Price of Illiteracy

            Have you ever felt left out? In many situations, we experience a lot of ways that we cannot achieve. Illiteracy can be defined as the inability to read and write. There are surprising facts about illiteracy as pointed out in Penni Wild's passage, "What illiteracy means is that millions may not be able to understand the directions on a medicine bottle, or be able to read their telephone bill, make correct change at a store, find and keep a job, or read to a child " (431). Wild's quote shows various impacts of serious social problem in America, which the illiterate. This leads to destruction in economic loss, and students fall behind in school. Also, illiteracy often passes down from parents who are illiterate to their own children. However, there are solutions to prevent an epidemic. How can we handle this social problem for the America's future? As regards concerned illiteracy, there are explained companies efforts, such as offering training classes to the illiterate, to reduce errors, and the ability to manage teachers in school by providing divided curriculum, and change parents' attitudes for the illiterate children at home.
             First, illiterate people can cause economic losses in their work places. A high rate of illiteracy relates to a high rate of unemployment. Wild states, Nation's Business magazine estimates, "15 million adults holding jobs today are functionally illiterate (432). When an illiterate person applies for a job, he or she has to fill out forms and resumes, which then can decrease his or her chances of getting a job and increase unemployment issues because they cannot read or write applications. Moreover, illiterate people reduce industrial productivity because they have many barriers to educate to learn business basic skills. When I worked for my dad's company in Korea, they forced me into having training to understand documents and tasks which are priorities to reduce errors before working.

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