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Snowboarding vs. Skiing

            Snowboarding is more fun and easier to learn than skiing. When asked the question, do you learn to ski or snowboard? Or what is the difference between skiing or snowboarding? Which one is easier to learn or which one is more fun? Most people would say there is not much difference. But there is a huge difference between the two. Skiing and snowboarding are so different yet similar in many ways as well. In my opinion snowboarding is easier to learn and a lot more fun. Although both are fun and a great way to spend your spare time there are many factors involved in making a decision on which one to choose.
             First let's talk about skiing. Skiing involves strength and energy, and it can be easy to get the hang of if you have not skied before. There are a lot of factors in learning how to ski, first of all balance is very important, staying upright is always a good thing, then you have to learn not to cross your skis unless you enjoy doing a face plant in the snow. Once you master staying upright you need to learn how to stop, typically this consists of doing the "snowplow " which consists of crossing your skis in front of you although not to much until you stop, again this takes lots of practice, strength and coordination. With skiing you need to have a lot of patience and balance and coordination. .
             Snowboarding in my opinion is much easier to master. Similar to skiing you still need strength and energy but the body mechanics are much different and it is much less work to snowboard than to ski and keep track of which way your feet are going and if you have your ski poles in the right place so you don't trip over them. In snowboarding your feet are strapped in and you just glide down the mountain on one surface no poles to trip over no one foot going one way and the other the other way. Although with snowboarding you have to still learn how to stop and how to balance on your heels and toes.

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