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The Gap Of Destruction

            In the world today there is a growing gap between the rich people and the poor people. However, the act of globalization is not new and for thousands of years big corporations have been buying from and selling from each other. This process affects the environment, political systems and prosperity in societies around the world. Globalization has shaped our economy in both a positive and negative direction. Some of the negative influences are that technology is taking over economic life, income inequality and symbolic analyst. .
             The U.S. economy is at loss for routine production jobs. Many of these jobs have been replaced by technology and machinery. Due to this advanced technology it closed many plants and factories as well as jobs getting laid-off. In Robert Reich's essay "Why the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer" he describes how these big corporations have to lay off their employees. This caused a decrease in union membership which are organizations of workers that are formed together to achieve goals. Because of technology advancement there has been an increase in low wage workers in different nations. Also, some of the corporations have moved jobs oversea. Modern technology outsources the jobs which increases the competition in the work force.The more technology the corporations have, the higher the volume of products. For example, in Robert Reich's essay, he states, "Everyone around the world who can now obtain high-volume, standardized products more cheaply than before" (Reich, 131). Reich claims that instead of producing products in the Unites States and paying more money they go the foreign countries where labor is cheapest and most accessible around the world. In relation to technology, jobs are being replaced by machines and software that utilize the same type of labor but cheaper and improved.
             Globalization has influenced the rise of income gaps between nations. Some of the nations that benefited from globalization are the ones in poverty.

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