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The Broken WindowsTheory

            "Broken Windows Theory" was introduced in the "Atlantic"" 1982 social science article, by James Q. Since the "Broken Window Theory"" was presented it has been an issue of great debate. The main idea of the theory was policing and maintaining order. Signs of disorderly and petty criminal behavior trigger other disorderly and petty criminal problems to spread. This may cause neighborhoods to dwindle and the quality of life of its residents to decline. When people observe others violate a certain social norm or legitimate rule, they are more likely to violate other norms or rules. To prevent this from occurring, the article also mentions that, police officers were sent to walk around crime centered communities, to monitor and maintain town environments (Wilson & Kelling, 1982). The policing and neighborhood safety program was believed to be an effective way of deterring town disorder, bad social behaviors, and vandalism. The theory's introduction to Times Square in New York City has shown positive production of a better and safer place for those who live and visit the area today. .
             First, one needs to understand the aspect of the broken window theory and its effects on any community. Even though violent crimes did not decline, the connection between both the community and the police had become a positive one. The 1982 article "Broken Windows Theory, the police and neighborhood safety ", by James Q Wilson quoted the published evaluation from the police foundation in Washington D.C. He mentions, "Foot patrol had not reduced crime rates. But residents of the foot patrolled neighborhoods seemed to feel more secure than persons in other areas Moreover, citizens in the foot-patrol areas had a more favorable opinion of the police than did those living elsewhere "(Wilson & Kelling, 1982, p.1). Officers had also changed the way they viewed the public in their assigned community, officers had what James Wilson said a "favorable attitude" toward the people.

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