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            The importance of Aboriginality within the community services sector is about recognizing and maintaining the cultural identity and connections which Aboriginal children and families require'. (Bridge, Freeburn, 2001). The concept of Aboriginality is the survival, identity, and the cultural diversity of Australian Aborigines. The Australian Aborigines have been on this Australian land for over 40,000 years. The word ˜Indigenous' refers of the Torres Strait Islanders people and Aboriginal people, though seen as the one word they both have different cultures and identities. Throughout it will explore the concept of Aboriginality of the Australian Aborigines, looking at the history of the Aborigines and exploring the culture of the Aborigines. .
             In the 1930's, set the depression of the Australian Aborigines they were frequently not paid and if they were it was in rations, in the workplace Aborigines were the first people to be deployed. Aborigines were given set areas they were to live in, therefore it made it hard for Aborigines to find work; they were unable to leave the set areas as there were consequences as there were laws that applied. In 1951 the Council for Aborigines was formed, they went on strike for better wages and legal rights. Then in 1964 to 1975 the foundations of Aboriginal affairs was created allowing Aboriginal access to meeting rooms, hostels and short term accommodation. In 1973 the Black Management had no longer received support from the white. In 1990 the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission was formed allowing Indigenous people access to programs and different organisations, but this was soon abolished in 2005. Finally in 2008 was the sorry speech from Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd it was an apology to the stolen generations, it was meant to be the first step in embracing all Australians, to close the gap having, mutual respect and equal opportunities.

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