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English and Spanish - Required Classes

            There are over 6,000 languages in the world and over fifty are widely spoken. In the United States, English and Spanish are the most widely spoken. All schools in the US require that students study English in order to graduate and many school systems are now initiating programs to require all graduates to speak Spanish, too. This paper is am argument to prove that students should not be required to study Spanish in order to graduate. .
             The first reason I believe that Spanish shouldn't be required is that many parents believe that being forced to speaking a foreign language is a disgrace to being an America. They don't want their child told that they have to learn another language. Parents may complain to their school districts that forcing students to learn Spanish is against their rights as Americans. .
             A second reason is that most high school graduates enter careers that don't require the ability to speak anything more than English. Spanish is irrelevant. It looks good to have a second language listed on your resume, but if a high school student wishes to have that on his/her resume, they should be able to take Spanish as high school elective classes. .
             Being bilingual is helpful but keeping Spanish as elective class is the right thing to do. No student should be forced to take a language that isn't the primary language of the school district they are in.

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