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Student Housing in Malaysia

             The following report will look at the case study of Student Housing Australia (SHA), Australia's first student housing real estate agency. SHA is a very successful business considering expanding into Malaysia. SHA has created strategic goals and objectives in order to enhance chances of success in Malaysia The report gives a detailed depiction of the background of SHA, discusses the expansion into Malaysia and an analysis of the political/legal environment, economic environment and the technological environment. .
             The report concludes with a recommendation stating issues SHA will need to address and why SHA should reconsider their expansion to Malaysia in spite of the rapid increase in university industry. .
             Established in 1998, Student Housing Australia (SHA) was the first student housing real estate agency in Australia. It specializes in providing fully furnished accommodation and housing complexes for students, in particular international students studying at Australian universities.
             It provides the opportunity for international students to come and study in Australia without paying an excessive amount for safe accommodation, while being situated in close proximity to their particular university. Student Housing Australia's philosophy is simple, 'Quality, affordability, community and support'. .
             Predominantly aimed at international students, Student Housing Australia markets itself through international education exhibitions, via universities and online to gain the most exposure internationally. Through doing this, Student Housing Australia has been recognized as a crucial contributor to the international student's experience whilst in Australia. .
             Originally SHA only provided accommodation for university students in just the Melbourne metropolitan area. However, as of 2010 SHA has expanded throughout Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory, with a portfolio of over 2000 apartments under their name.

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