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My Mother's Sobriety

             I made up my mind to do something that would probably change my family forever. I made the decision to have my mother admitted to an alcohol rehab center for a five day detox program. I had watched my mother drink for many years. I am one of four children, I have an older brother and two younger sisters. I can recall her drinking as far back as to when I was ten years old. It could be at a family friend's home or our home, the place did not matter. My mother was a pleasant drinker, she was never belligerent or sloppy. Her actions always left me feeling sad and disappointed. I moved out at 17 when I got married. I vowed that my children would never see me like that. I would warn my children when they were older, that they were not to get in the car if they thought my mom had been drinking. .
             My sister and I would often talk about my mother's drinking problem but coming from an Irish Catholic family that's all we could do. We feared my father would be upset with us if we tried to intervene. Because I moved out I did not have to deal with the day to day situation at hand. I could end a phone conversation with my mom if I thought she had been drinking, my sisters could not. There were many phone calls from my sisters that ended in tears. None of us really knew what to do to help her. .
             When my brother got married and started a family, he thought he could get her to stop drinking if he just asked her. She said she did not drink as much as we all thought. We knew better. She was losing weight at a rapid rate because she would choose alcohol over food. The effects of the alcohol were faster since she weighed less.
             The night I made the decision to have her admitted to a detox center, I had received a phone call from my sister. She was crying and said my mother had been drinking a lot. My father was on a business trip and her drinking seemed to increase when he had to go out of town. My sister asked if there was anything I could do to try to get her to stop.

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