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Death Be Not Proud and Wit

            John Donne's poetry and Margaret Edson's Wit both explore the notion of mortality. Through comparing these two texts, in individual is able to find connections and therefore gain a deeper understanding. There are particular scenes in Edson's Wit that explore the main character, Vivian Bearing, exploring the idea of mortality. There are also a great deal of Donne's poems with 'Death Be Not Proud' and 'This is My Playes Last Scene' conveying the theme the most. Themes of mortality that these scenes and poems particularly show connections between are acceptance of death, and the opposite, avoiding the concept of death.
             Acceptance of death is explored in both Donne and Edson's texts towards the conclusion of each text. One particular scene in Margaret Edson's Wit, is when Vivian is in the hospital room talking to Susie the nurse about the action to be taken if Vivian's heart stops beating. This scene clearly conveys the realization from Vivian that her disease has really overtaken her body and that she only has moments to live. The acceptance that Vivian has when she comes to the realization of death is greatly conveyed when she says, "My cancer is not being cured, is it". This quote from Vivian is expressed with such assurance showing the knowledge that she has of her diagnosis and the progress that she has had. Vivian also confesses to Susie, crying, "I'm scared". These two words express the emotions and hardship that Vivian is experiencing. Vivian's character doesn't often show such emotion, which enhances the point that Vivian is starting to give in to her sickness and come to reality. In this scene there is a sense of reality. Vivian is often caught up with her profession and uses this to keep her mind off of reality. Throughout this scene, Vivian makes no reference to literature or her passion for John Donne's work. The quote "We are discussing my life and my death, and my brain is dulling " conveys that Vivian is aware of what is happening and she accepts that it is reality and nothing can change that.

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