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Ethics in Criminal Justice

             Before, making any decision I would keep in mind that I am a public servant and have the duties of a public servant. My first duty is to protect, serve and uphold the constitution. Regardless of my beliefs for the gun advocacy group, I must exercise the morals and ethics of the law. Therefore, I would advise my fellow police officers of the upcoming rally and information provided to me. Cautious to let them know the information provided by an anonymous tipster and the accuracy of it. Foreseeing displacement of responsibility and diffusion of responsibility in the event the rally get out of hand, keeping the group has not has not applied for a permit. The police may stop the event if they foresee that the group has become physically aggressive towards others or otherwise present a danger to the public. Ethical dilemmas can occur in many ways, often when we least expect them. So long as their actions do not interfere with the rights and welfare of others. .
             Ethics in law enforcement is a large subject and covers a detailed description in which a .
             law enforcement official may behave. The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics is clearly written and very detailed. All persons who enter the criminal justice field must follow these rules in order to ensure a strong and positive conviction. If not in a case where a conviction is sought, these rules must also be followed in the field. A case, a criminal conviction or the employment of the law enforcement official can be jeopardized if this Code of Ethics is not obeyed.
             Ethical Dilemma 2: Chiefs Orders.
             The impact of human factors upon individual performance must coincide with timely and fair discipline both in a positive and a negative sense. Police officers no matter what the rank in should never let personal feelings affect decisions on the job. Law enforcement professionals are not immune from feelings of mistrust. I do not think I could follow the police chief's orders.

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