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The Basics of Integrity

            Integrity is defined as the adherence to moral and ethical principles, the soundness of moral character and honesty. It is also known as the state of being whole or undiminished. (1.def).
             In other words, integrity is a basic human trait that is within us all. Many choose to exercise or use this trait on a daily basis. To be known as a person with integrity, you have proven to be reliable and truthful. People tend to dismiss the importance of having integrity whether it is in the workplace, relationships or just daily interactions with other people.
             While researching the word "integrity", I realized that this is a trait that is greatly lacking in America. For instance, society is losing faith in big business and the government. This has a lot to do with a general lack of integrity. The banking industry lacks integrity in balancing its books and providing loans to people and industries that can't afford to pay its bills while government fails to properly supervise big cooperation's to ensure this doesn't happen. .
             Integrity in celebrity relationships and marriages has become rare in today's society. Some examples are Arnold Schwarzenegger and the child he had out of wedlock and Tiger Woods and his plethora of mistresses. Infidelity is a prime example of lack of integrity. This is a problem that will probably go on for years to come - not only in celebrity marriages but in those of the general public. It can be as simple as "Honey, did you spend $150.00 without telling me?" This is very common in a lot of relationships. I will not turn this into a relationship or marriage counseling session. I will say that before examining the word "integrity", I really didn't think about how easy it is to violate this trait or just let it fall away. .
             Integrity in dealing with other people is very common. Example: "Hey, do you have $20.00 I can borrow till payday?" You have it but you don't believe they will pay it back so you say no.

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