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The Destruction and Salvation of Coral Reefs

            Coral reefs are living organisms that live and thrive in our world's oceans. Coral structures are made up of thousands (and even millions) of creatures called polyps that live in a calcium carbonate skeleton. Single celled algae live inside these coral polyps and coexist with them. Coral polyps provide a safe place for these single celled algae to live and grow and the extra food that the algae create, the corals can live on. .
             Coral reefs are more than just another creature in the ocean. They play many important roles: protecting our coastlines and providing food for fish and other sea creatures. Coral reefs are normally located parallel with coastlines and act as a speed bump for waves. They protect the coastline from damaging waves and surges caused by storms and tsunamis. Without this protection, many coastal communities would face the risk of damage or possible destruction from these waves. .
             Coral reefs are not just important to our coastlines but are also important to fish and other aquatic creatures. Reefs provide food and shelter for many species of fish and sea life. Coral reefs create enzymes that doctors and scientists use to create medicines, preventing or curing many strains of illness and disease. .
             Stricter environmental regulations on pollution, along with better efforts to educate the general public are needed to be implemented in order to protect coral reefs. Reefs are a vital part of our planet but they're facing extinction if strict regulations are not put in place that will protect them. Also, the implementation of improved research processes, designed to protect the reefs, must be immediately put in place.
             There are many reasons why coral reefs are in danger of extinction and humans are to blame. Oceans and our coastlines are used for recreational purposes all over the world. Some of the most popular activities that affect coral reefs are boating, scuba diving and snorkeling.

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