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The Student Voucher Debate

            A new school voucher program that would use government funding to subsidize private school education is an issue that is taking America's public education system by storm. The controversy over school vouchers covers a wide array of arguments, from constitutional freedom to economic theories. .
             President George W. Bush's program, "No Child Left Behind", stirred this controversial debate, as schools became more accountable for student achievement, as well as their lacks of achievement. If adequate yearly progress was not made, parents with students in failing schools could have the option to move their child to a school, public or private, which was excelling. As students move, the funding for that student would have to move as well, leaving some local public schools in a financial crisis. Should parents have the right to obtain the best possible education for their child? Should government funding for the student be used in private schools? Should the government have the right to set the standards in which schools should be graded? Should those standards be the same for every child, from the learning disabled to the gifted and talented? Many parents, educators, administrators, and legislators have differing views on these issues that stem from the debate of student vouchers.
             Pro-Arguments for Student Vouchers.
             Families that are in the middle-upper class to the very wealthy have always had the choice of schools for their children. Many believe everyone, regardless of socio-economic status should be given the same choice. Many areas of our country have private schools that are available, but the private schools cost more money than the average American family has available to spend on education. What if that local, public school is in a crime-ridden area that is failing academically? Parents should have the right to secure a safe, nurturing, and positive environment for their students to learn.

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