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My Opinion of Django Unchained

             Do these things go together? Should they ever? In Quentin Tarantino's film, "Django Unchained", these three elements were combined for entertainment purposes. What's entertaining about slavery? Slavery is a sensitive topic and to exploit it in a satirical way is insulting to African Americans who had to undergo it. This movie is worthy of condemnation because it demean the importance/seriousness of slavery, makes fun of factual events and groups of people that existed during the time of slavery, and has no life connection or relativity to the one who chose to make fun of this subject. .
             Slavery has to be one of the most serious and crucial topics in our history including the Holocaust, and other discrimination based events of our time. The use of satire baffles me when it comes to the movie's concept. This movie is about slavery and you choose to make fun of it by having comedy? Last time I checked, slavery wasn't a laughable matter. A famous director, writer, actor and producer, Spike Lee said, "All I'm going to say is that it's disrespectful to my ancestors. " I agree with him because this movie portrays an ideal/fantasy version of slavery which isn't how it actually happened. Tarantino incorporates comedy to camouflage the most offensive parts of the movie when in reality that made it worst. The KKK would not have had time to fuss over who made masks for their heads before going to kill someone! In reality, the KKK would have gotten to whatever black person they wanted and brutally killed them. The laughter one white person had during this movie probably accounts for one tear a black person cried after it. .
             In the "Wall Street Journal" lies an article entitled: "Black Audiences, White Stars, and Django Unchained", " written by Ishmael Reed, who's known for representing African American perspectives. Mr. Reed states, and I quote, "You really have to suspend disbelief for this movie.

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