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The Statistical Futures of High School Dropouts

            Unfortunately, not every student will finish high school. Some may choose to leave school before graduation in order to pursue other things, and some may drop out due to boredom or lack of motivation. More than likely, students are not aware that dropping out of school is usually not the best choice they could make. A few major contributing factors which cause students to drop out of school are teen pregnancy, financial hardship at home, lack of parental support and simple boredom.
             7,000 students drop out of school every day (Alliance). In one year, this totals 1.3 million students who do not graduate high school (Alliance). That is an staggering number of students who are risking their emotional, relational and financial futures. On average, high school dropouts will earn less money, have a greater chance of divorcing their spouse, and be more susceptible to depression and anxiety. .
             The biggest reason most girls dropout of school is due to pregnancy. Actually, according to Linda Mangel, Education Equity Director, 70% of teenagers who have a baby during high school dropout and do not graduate (Mangel). Teen pregnancy is one of the top reasons of dropping out of school and probably makes most of the percentage up of the year. Not all teenage moms want to dropout of school but sometimes schools do not help matters. Now, of course it is not ideal for a teenage to have a child by any means but that should not give any one or school the right to make the situation harder for the teen if they are trying to do right by the consequence of her action. Some schools may not work with the young teenage mom with allowing her to make up work for the short time she had to take off after delivery or accept doctor appointment notes (Mangel). So when these teenage moms dropout of school, not only are they not going to graduate and have less of a future, but now they also get stereotyped and sometimes criticized for the decisions they made.

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