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The Need for More Nursing Professionals

             Over the past few years, the shortage of nurses in America has become more of a growing concern in the healthcare field. According to Nelson, of the "Medsurg Nursing Journal," the nursing workforce is expected to decrease by 20% if things don't improve (Nelson, King, & Brodine, 2008). .
             Thousands of medical facilities are having difficulty adequately staffing their units with competent nurses in order to properly provide quality care for the patients. 41% of hospital nurses are dissatisfied with their jobs, and of that percentage, 22% planned to leave their job within one year. Among nurses younger than 30, the percentage was as high as 33% (Rosenstein, 2008). To find a solution to the problem of a hostile work environment between nurses and physicians, one would have to focus on the root of the problem. The answer is the work environment. As discussed in an article by Currie and Hill (2012), the work environment is the largest reason for nurses leaving the field. According to Carrie and Hill, the nurse-physician relationship either negatively or positively effects the nurse's job satisfaction and willingness to stay in the profession let alone the facility. .
             There are many professional articles that discuss the importance of a healthy nurse-physician relationship and the impact it has on health care as a whole. In an article, authored by Alaniz, Baum, & Savett (2008) views the issue from the aspect of medical doctors. The article proposes that the best solution to the problem is to input a system to provide better communication between the two sides. The authors contend that many physicians view nurses as a subordinate and not an integral part of the health team. On the other hand nurses view physicians as conceited boasters who only interact with the patient for five minutes then leave. .
             The authors further stress that communication between the two sides will allow them to realize that they each play a major role in improving the patients quality of care, and also provides a more welcoming work environment.

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