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Freedom, Rights and the Declaration of Independence

            The American Revolution or Revolutionary war was a war fought for the liberation of the American colonies from British Rule. Although the colonists won the war, there were still individuals who were not free from oppression. One group, in particular, were the black slaves who lived in the colonies. This group of people were moved from different places, bought and sold, and were considered "property " during those years. However, the colonists were declared their independence from the British Rule. .
             The Founding Fathers sought to claim their independence through the ideals such as possessing the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, the concept that all men are created equal, and that no human being has the freedom to hold power over another individual. However, these ideals were not applied to African Americans because they were not treated as citizens of the colonies due to the fact that they were slaves who did not have freedom, this also meant that they were not considered equals to the white individuals in the colonies, and they were still under the power of the slave owners.
             Slaves in the colonies were not treated as equals in the colonies. The fact that they were slaves meant that they were the "property " of the slave owners and they had a lesser standing when compared to the whites in the colony. In March of 1770, Crispus Attucks, a runaway slave, led a band of individuals to protest the way to make the soldiers leave Boston. However, that was not the case when the soldiers opened fire and Attucks was killed in the said event.2 When the Boston Massacre had been etched by Paul Revere, the image showed a group of soldiers firing into an unarmed crowd. However, the etching did not show Crispus Attucks among the five casualties. .
             Paul Revere showed only white individuals who have been wounded and among the dead. This image was later revised to show the truth of Attucks being involved in the bloody massacre that occurred on King Street of Boston.

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