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God's Mercy Revealed in the Book of Genesis

            Throughout the book of Genesis, God demands some of his people to complete tasks for him that require an extreme amount of faith. He also warned them of the possible consequences if they were to go against his wishes. However, in most cases, God had gone back on his word. For example, when Eve and Adam eat the forbidden fruit they are only kicked out of the Garden of Eden rather than having their own lives taken away from them, which God had promised. Another example is when God instructs Abraham to take his only son Isaac and sacrifice him. God then appears at the last moment before Isaac was given up and stops Abraham from killing Isaac. Many wonder why God would say one thing and do another. His actions in themselves are contradictory in nature. However, this paper will demonstrate that it's clear, by evidence shown in Genesis, that God does the things he does because he is forgiving and merciful in nature.
             Although God is known by most to be forgiving, there are some who believe that the reason that he goes back on his word is because he regrets the decisions that he had made and was unsure of his actions in the first place. A main passage that most use to support this argument is in chapter six verse six of Genesis where the Bible says, "The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled." It is clearly written in black and white that God had regretted a decision he had made and that he felt bad about it. There are many other examples that are given in which God changes his mind and goes against his own rules that he set. Further evidence is when Adam and Eve realized that they were naked, God became angry with them at first, but then he made them clothes so that they wouldn't feel as self-conscious as they had become (Genesis 3.21). God had stated that he would punish them if they went against his word, but in the end he felt sympathy for them and in a sense rewarded them for their wrongdoings because God had regretted his original decision to chastise them.

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