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Removing Cultural Biases in the Education System

            As an institution, our education system ideally plays a major role in erasing cultural biases. The idea that as educators, we have the power and obligation to change cultural perceptions and misconceptions as an imperative can be agreed upon by almost everyone involved in education. How we approach this issue and then implement teaching our culturally rich history while modeling respect, interest, tolerance and present day applications of knowledge is the topic of this literature review. .
             I chose the topic of cultural diversity as a tool for effectively managing a colorblind classroom. For example, one way to diffuse or take away h the sting of a bully is to remove the audience by informing students to ignore the bully behavior – in other words – teach students the power of non -reaction. I have addressed the topic of acknowledging cultural, learning, socioeconomic diversities as normal and necessary structures in my classroom as my way of teaching a better way of non- reaction to differences. I think that my hope of equalizing everyone for all that they are and all that they are not in my classroom drove my literature search because it truly reflects a personal path that I have chosen to take in my role as an educator. .
             This literature review cited findings that reveal a community dependence on its members' chances to engage in conversation. It also explored other genres of interaction. The studies cite that participation in a community might be sustained with quality relationships. The assumptions that are the basis of relationships within a community offer explanation into the dynamics of the community. This is highly important to think about in a school community. Educators must facilitate a host of diverse in order to develop complex interrelationships, tolerant perspectives within their community in order to develop an inherent power across the community.
             This research explains U.

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