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Poetry - Without Title and Search for My Tongue

            "Without Title" describes the feeling of emptiness the father was experiencing. He felt very strongly about his ancestors hunting traditions. He lost himself in his current life because he felt like he didn't belong. The sensation of his family's passion for hunting guided him and his perspective. 'It's hard you know without the buffalo, the shaman, the arrow, but my father went out each day to hunt as though he had them." This quote taken directly from the beginning of the poem represents the fathers roots and how he struggles to live without the comfort of his hunting necessities. "I remember the silence of his lost power, the red buffalo painted on his chest." This is another quote from "Without Title." It is clear to the reader that the father was in a very emotional state of mind and feeling powerless without his cultural traditions. The red buffalo is a symbol representing the love he feels towards his hunting heritage. Painted on his chest shows the reader how much the father valued his hunting heritage and how important he thought it was. His strong passion for it will always be in his heart. .
             "Search for my Tongue" is about what the author is experiencing. She changed her place of living and was forced to change her native language into English. This compares to the lost "Without Title" in the sense that both the author here and the father are feeling lost. "If you would have to live in a place you had to speak a foreign language." This quote from "Search For My Tongue" makes the reader feel involved in the situation and understand the fear that the author is having towards loosing her mother tongue. The title of the poem also indicates the feeling of being lost as the author is 'in search for her tongue', meaning her native language. .
             In "Without Title", the father being described seems as if he has also lost his identity.

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