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Effects of Divorce on Children

            Divorce is a result of multiple things, but infidelity, financial strain and communication issues are the three most common issues leading to a the dissolve of a marriage. Infidelity, is also a leading factor in divorce rates. At times, when spouses do not receive the attention they desire, they find someone who will fill the void. This is often enough to destroy a marriage. Financial problems are a huge problem of marriages. Nearly half of divorces are due to financial issues. The most common financial issue in marriages are the choices being made with money. Last but not least communication issues. Communication is key to a successful marriage if problems are not discussed, they only get worse until the damage is beyond repair. All these issues, without a doubt contribute to the rising divorce rates.
             Unfortunately the ones who suffer the most are the children. Now they are to live with only one parent, creating a void and lack of guidance that can not be provided by only one parent. The effects usually begin to show later down the road. As a child, it is hard to comprehend what is going on around them. Custody battles can effect a child dramatically according to research conducted by North Carolina State. One parent can slander the other, skewing the child's perception, as well as ruining the relationship with that parent. Divorce can emotionally scar children causing fears of betrayal, abandonment, loss, and rejection. Never being around a healthy relationship can reduce the child's ability to develop and maintain supportive friendships and dating relationships. This psychological problems lead to bigger ones down the road.
             Adolescence is a difficult time for any child, but can be worsen with divorce. Teenagers are young and prone to make bad decisions. In many single parent homes it is extremely hard for one parent to fill all the needs of a teenager. One parent can only do so much.

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