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Because I could not stop for Death by Emily Dickinson

            For most people, death is something to be afraid of. The mystery and uncertainty of what happens after our final breath is something that most people ponder off and on throughout their lives. In her poem, "Because I could not stop for Death"," Emily Dickinson used an extended metaphor of death to describe her personal view on the subject. Dickinson compares Death to a polite gentleman suitor with who she embarks on a journey to her grave with. As opposed to most people's unpleasant view on death, Dickinson portrays death as an optimistic endeavor in her poem. She does not relate such a calamitous event to one that leads to her burial; rather, through her personification of Death, her profound use of symbolism, and her poetic form, Dickinson establishes a soothing tone that reveals her tranquil acceptance of death. Through this, she ultimately relays her message that death is not something that should be feared, for it is a natural part of the endless cycle of nature.
             The personification of death throughout the poem and the careful diction Dickinson uses in these personifications allows her to express her peaceful perspective on death. In her first personification, she states that Death "kindly stopped for [her]" (2) to establish Death's noble character and to show that she does not view death as an atrocious entity. By initially endowing Death with human characteristics, death becomes less frightening and more peaceful to the audience and Dickinson quickly sets a tranquilizing tone for the rest of the poem. As Death and the speaker continue on their journey, Dickinson states, "We slowly drove, he knew no haste"" (5). Death's courtesy and considerateness to his passenger shows that dying is not as terrible as people perceive; rather, it is a peaceful process, according to Dickinson. Dickinson refers to her and .
             Death as one by stating "we "to show that they are together without pain and that she is comfortable and calm around him.

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