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Sample Scientific Research Paper

             Over the past few weeks, our class has been discussing various diseases and viruses. We were all given a specific disease to research and write a brief paragraph on. Also we were assigned to find a movie that contained a deadly disease or virus. The information on each student's disease and movie was uploaded to Blackboard for us to use to create an infographic. The charts gave more insight and detail about how many people contracted the virus, was the virus curable, how the virus got cured if they were curable, and also who came up with the cure for the virus. Much knowledge was gained that could be used for experiments with diseases and viruses.
             The diseases that travel across the world are very high in number. Everyday there is a new person that is infected with a disease or virus. The types of diseases and viruses are created by many things. The number of incurable diseases may outweigh the curable by a little. The disease that was given to me to research was E coli. E coli are disease that lives inside your intestines and helps your body break down and digest food. Some E coli can travel from the intestine to the blood. The illness is very rare but it may cause serious infection to the body. Symptoms can range from bad stomach cramps and belly pains, vomiting, and diarrhea, sometimes with blood in it. E coli is commonly killed by heat, scientist believe. E coli are mainly found in uncooked beef, which is why it is necessary to cook beef all the way through until there is no longer any pink meat. .
             Materials and Methods.
             To begin the paper we are on now, we first were given a disease to research. After we researched the disease, we were assigned to write a brief paragraph about the disease and bring the paragraph to class to discuss. We came to class and discussed each of our diseases in front of the class. As each student talked about their disease we took notes to stay on track to write the papers.

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