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Energy Drinks and Comorbid Bipolar Disorder

            Our study was to determine whether energy drinks (high amounts of caffeine) have a correlation to relapse with patients who have comorbid bipolar spectrum disorder. The researchers studied three patients who had admitted themselves to a rehabilitation facility with relapses of manic and depressive states. All three patients disclosed to the psychiatrist consuming eight to nine cans of energy drinks a day. Through toxicology all three patients have been abusing cocaine. There are two male patients ages forty and thirty six who both have type one bipolar disorder, along with one female patient age thirty who has type two bipolar disorder. The bipolar disorder would emerge typically after a week of binging on energy drinks. A report has show that a schizophrenic patient had a psychotic episode after drinking a large amount of caffeine. Another report was of someone with bipolar spectrum disorder having a manic episode after drinking many energy drinks in one day. Although there is no hard evidence correlating energy drinks with psychological relapses, there is reason to believe that high amounts of caffeine can exacerbate underlining disorder.
             The study was done in a rehabilitation facility where patients were self admitted. The patients were not to partake in energy drink consumption and illegal drug use. This was to be proven through regular toxicology reports taken by all three patients. The result would be a decrease in manic and or depressive states in order to rule out excessive caffeine consumption as a trigger for their bipolar states. One of the other problems caffeine is said to cause is the negative effect it has on bipolar medications effectiveness. It is said that high levels of caffeine can mitigate how well bipolar drugs will work for the patient.
             After release from the rehab center, two of the three patients stayed abstinent from energy drink, drug use and maintained mental stability.

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